Why 2022 is the best time to enrol in a hospitality programme in Singapore

Are you looking to gain a relevant and in-demand hospitality qualification? Here’s some good news, the future is looking brighter in 2022.

 According to the latest World Travel and Tourism Council report released in April 2022, the global travel and tourism sectors are expected to return to pre-pandemic activity levels in 2023 and grow faster than global economic growth.

 If you love interacting with people and making them feel comfortable and special, pursuing a hospitality qualification in Singapore this year might be one of the best decisions you make. 

Here are 5 reasons why.

‘Pent-up’ travel demand fuels strong tourism growth

The tourism and hospitality sector took a significant hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, but with borders opening up now, people are anxious to travel and splurge on their tourism spending after two years of travel restrictions.  

Known as pent-up’ demand, this economic term describes consumers’ desire to return to spending after a significant decrease in sales of a service or product.

The recent surge in air ticket prices and sales due to the strong travel demand presents evidence of this post-covid 19 travel phenomenon.  

Injection of government funds to aid fast recovery

The Singapore government promised to inject half a billion dollars into the tourism and travel sector.

 This decision is a welcome move to help speed up the industry’s recovery, enhance Singapore’s competitiveness in the region and help it fight for a bigger share of the tourism pie.

 Businesses in the tourism and attractions sector are already enthusiastically tapping into the fund, tendering for exciting new attractions such as Trifecta- a new skate, surf and snowboard attraction in the heart of Somerset Road, an electric-go kart theme park at Sentosa and even a chocolate factory at Dempsey, to woo tourists back.  

Manpower shortage presents an abundance of career opportunities

 It is no secret that Singapore’s service industry is facing the biggest manpower crunch.   To present this numerically, there were 114,000 job vacancies last December, more than double the previous year.

 Globally, the travel and tourism sector will create 126 million new jobs over the next ten years. This presents an abundance of fruitful career opportunities to spearhead your career in the hospitality industry.

 For instance, it might be easier to land yourself in an internship with industries which are usually popular and have a higher bar of entry, such as aviation or even embark on global job placement experience with international hotel chains.  

Be part of the emerging innovation wave

The covid-19 service disruption and manpower challenges pave the path for creating and adopting exciting technological innovations.

 A new vision for the post-covid tourism and travel industry is forged as AI and automation take the central stage to propel the industry forward in the current challenging climate.  This spurred technological innovations such as using robots for contactless self-check-in and in-room services in some Singapore hotels.

 As the hospitality industry changes and reshapes, it is an exciting time for those who are part of this revolution to contribute and learn.

Develop transferable in-demand skills

Hospitality is a highly dynamic industry that requires a wide range of practical skills, such as finance and budgeting, sales and marketing, and event planning which you will pick up through a formal hospitality education.

Important soft skills for hospitality industry employees include teamwork, a service-oriented mindset and communication skills.

 All of these skills are transferable to other industries such as business management, marketing or finance—allowing you to have a career switch in the future.

With endless opportunities available, a career in one of the biggest sectors of the global economy is bound to be rewarding.

Secure your future by getting an education in hospitality and reap the rewards!

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