What Makes A Good Hotelier?

It’s the 21st century! As days and months passes by, it is an undeniable fact that the hospitality industry is getting more and more competitive. I am pretty sure you and I cannot disagree to this above statement. Being a hotelier comes with a lot challenges, problems, tough tasks and generally a lot of self-confidence. The following article will cover some main points of how one can work towards becoming a fantastically good hotelier in today’s generation.

Firstly, I believe in being a good hotelier, one needs to understand the term – “A Jack of all Trades, Master of None”. This figurative speech refers to an individual who is competent in acquiring not just one but a variety of skills. He/she needs to be able to multi task and at the same time be able to solve challenges that may come their way. Delivering effective operational duties and more importantly knowing the right way of dealing with guests will make one a great and responsible hotelier.  

Having an eye for innovation would be one of the next major considerable skill in becoming a good hotelier. Why the need for this? – may be your next question. As competitive as it may already sound, hoteliers need to distinguish the factors to what makes them different from the others around them. It is definitely easier said than done. But ultimately, this will help one capitalise and contextualise on it so as to stand out as being unique. In today’s fast moving environment, the need to come up with new ideas and suggestions stays rather vital for a good hotelier.  

Ever heard of someone saying it’s “an open door policy?”. The underlying meaning in this simple two-word policy plays a very important role in today’s hospitality sectors. Why? It encourages guest to be able to communicate openly to hoteliers and at the same time allows them to feel very much at ‘home’. Be yourself, be who you are and naturally your character will be seen. The attitude and approach of portraying an open door policy will eventually allow one to be humble in nature and in return will prove how approachable you are! Hence, cultivating an “open door policy” is the way to go.  

These are just some qualities of how one may choose to acquire in becoming a good hotelier. Practice makes perfect. These qualities are usually not attainable overnight. The more you practice, the better you become. Have trust in yourself and I believe one can own these qualities within a short period of time. Working in a hotel requires great skills for smooth and better functioning. And, these skills are only attainable if you are fervent and focused in what you do!

In attempting to ensure that our students uphold such qualities as future hoteliers, we do our best to incorporate hotel and industrial visits for them. In this way, students will be able to get a first-class experience when they step foot into these 5-star places. During this time, students will get an opportunity to meet and greet staff as well as get a bit of informational insights of the various departments in the hotels.

Shoba Krishnan

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