The Businesses of Luxury Resorts

The luxury resorts are popular for tourists globally as they seek for relaxing vacations, away from the fast-paced city urban environment. Resorts usually requires gigantic areas of land and they are located in remote locations, which accommodates a large group of guests. Resorts may vary from beach resort, ski resorts, eco resorts, recreational resorts and the list continues. The incorporation of recreational activities plays a major role in defining resorts as it complements the leisure concept of the resort. The packages offered can be all-inclusive (including the activities and dining) for a vacation at the resort. With this brief introduction, we will explore the business management of the luxury resorts around the world.

The resort’s target market mainly focuses on families, couples and large groups; with the introduction of the kids’ club enticing families to bring along their children for the vacation. The kids club offers the opportunity for adults to drop off their children at the club, as they will be able to enjoy the recreational activities organized for them. However, the highly trained employees also plan fun and safe activities for the kids. In addition, there is an allocated time for the kids’ club as the parents are encouraged to spend time with their kids for a portion of the day. The ethos of the kids’ club is to treat the children with utmost care.

In the resorts, specialized activity planners work in tandem with sales and marketing team to organize activities and to promote them in effective methods. The guests are encouraged to take part in the various activities although it is not compulsory. These types of activity planning are common in the beach resorts, however, for the ski resorts, the seasonality plays a major part. The resort benefits from a large crowd of people during the winter and during the summer, they may have to improvise by incorporating hiking tours. The winter season is defined as a peak season for the resorts and the implementation of night skiing may aid in further increasing the economy of the resort. The skiing trails are usually designated in skill levels ranging from- beginner, intermediate and advanced. It is to be noted that intermediate skiers contribute the highest amount for the business. Interestingly, there must be a balanced amount of people on the ski trails and the base area, due to safety measures and to avoid overcrowding.

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The eco resorts are starting to gain traction as people are becoming more conscious on the effects of sustainability on the environment. The eco resorts focuses entirely on the usage of eco- friendly products and the services are provided in a sustainable manner. The eco resorts place great emphasis on the surrounding area such as nature and highlights the local culture of that particular area. In comparison, the operations in the eco resorts are a stark contrast to the luxury hotels. Generally, there are specific guidelines to be followed in order for the resort to be termed as an- ‘eco resort’.

The resorts are an increasingly popular sector in the hospitality industry, with a high demand and a worth investment. As the resorts have the benefit of a spacious environment, social distancing is easier to implement and as a result, the sector has bounced back faster than the other sectors. However, there are still improvements to be made to adapt for the post pandemic era. One of the most prominent resorts brands such as Club Med has rebounded considerably as it has been able to develop safety measures in China, reigniting the operations since last year. Resorts have also started to implement technology into the business for the concept of a “contactless” vacation. Guests are able to utilize express check-in by checking in via the resort application. This in turn, reduces the necessity of many employees and increases the efficiency of operations. For example, a majority of resorts have transitioned from a physical menu to a digital menu, with a QR code. It is believed that although the initial investment in the technology may be high, the businesses will be able to reap the long-term benefits. Positively, the major resort brands have also adopted the idea of sustainability, as they have strategized methods for waste management and the decrease of energy usage.

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To conclude, it is apparent that the business of luxury resorts has evolved tremendously throughout the years, with more opportunities for further growth. Resorts offer impeccable levels of services, while serving as a perfect getaway from the hectic schedules of our daily lives. The Hospitality and Tourism course covers this topic with a detailed analysis, and I believe that it will be an interesting topic for future students. I have studied the topic with great enthusiasm, and I am satisfied to have gained the knowledge for Resort management.

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