Foundation Course in Hotel and Business Management

Designed for students who aspire to develop professional skills and knowledge to perform functions in the Business and Hospitality industry through tertiary education in Singapore.


The Foundation Course in Hotel and Business Management covers the foundations of business
studies and hospitality. A significant underpinning of the programme is the importance of
developing business and hospitality knowledge and skills. Skills taught will include 6 subjects
from Fundamentals of Marketing, Mathematics for Business, Entrepreneurial Leadership,
Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism, Intercultural Communication and Fundamentals of
Hospitality Operations. Students will experience applications of business and hospitality
concepts and tools through individual and project work.


Perceive marketing as the synchronized and cohesive endeavor of an organization aimed at fulfilling
pertinent customer needs while simultaneously aligning with organizational objectives.

Employ mathematical knowledge, including algebra, matrices, and calculus, to address business challenges effectively. Scrutinize and showcase mathematical proficiency essential in economically rigorous domains within Economics and business. Fuse international business concepts with the mechanisms of global trade for comprehensive understanding and application.
Exhibit a foundational comprehension of fundamental business and economic principles, encompassing business ownership, entrepreneurship, and franchising. Display a fundamental grasp of management and organizational theories, production concepts, and the human resources management lifecycle.

Understand the breadth of the hospitality and tourism sectors, including their historical evolution
and anticipated future expansion. Outline the various roles and managerial responsibilities inherent
to the hospitality industry, while also recognizing the attributes essential for success in this field.
Analyze the diverse functions and positions within hospitality management.

Explore the significance of intercultural communication in daily interactions, highlighting its vital role. Examine cultural assumptions and their implications for interactions with individuals such as hotel guests, colleagues, and classmates. Differentiate between cultural communication styles and discern the underlying values shaping diverse behaviours across cultures.
Delve into the essential elements comprising the operational departments of both hotels and restaurants, providing comprehensive descriptions of each. Differentiate between the core characteristics of these departments and elucidate their operational dynamics within the establishment. Define Quality Guest Service (QGS) and explore its significance in hospitality operations. Identify the requisite tools essential for ensuring guest satisfaction through the delivery of Quality Guest Service


Application FeeSGD 160SGD 160
Non-Tuition FeeSGD 890SGD 890
Tuition FeeSGD 3,750SGD 4,250
TotalSGD 4,800SGD 5,300
*All fees quoted above are inclusive of GST.
*Application fee is non-refundable.
*Non tuition fee include Course Material, Examination Fee, Administration Fee, FPS Insurances Fee,
and Medical Insurances.

Entry Requirements

Age Requirements: At least 16 years old.

Academic Requirements: 1 x Pass in GCE ‘O’ levels; or NITEC/Higher NITEC certification; or Year 10 High School; or equivalent; or Mature Candidate who are at least 30 years of age with 8 years of working experience.

Language Proficiency: Minimum of Band 5.0 IELTS; or earson PET 40.8; or Doulingo English Test 80-90; or Pass Educare Global Academy English Placement Test; or Letter from College/University clearly stating the Medium of Instruction of the highest qualification to be English; or C6 pass in English GCE ‘O’ level; or equivalent.

Mode of Delivery

Mode of Delivery:

The Foundation programme consists of 6 modules and may be completed after 9 months of lessons. Lessons will commence 5 days a week for a maximum of 3 hours per day with a total of 312 learning hours.

Assessment Method: Written Exams and Final Projects.

Graduation Requirements: Minimum 50% pass in all modules

Duration: 9 months

Lecturer – Student Ratio: 1:30


Upon the successful completion, students will be awarded the Foundation Course in International Hotel and Tourism Management from Educare Global Academy.

Foundation Course graduates can continue on to the Diploma in International Hotel and Tourism Management or Diploma in Business Management or Diploma in Management Studies.

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