Here’s a list of commonly asked questions. If you have a question that’s not answered here, email us at info@ega.edu.sg We’ll be glad to help

Educare Global Academy, is registered with the Committee for Private Education and complies with the Private Education Act. We have also met the requirements for an EduTrust award issued by the Singapore Government.

Duration of the courses and mode of learning varies depending on the courses. For more details, please refer to the course content.

Yes, we are offering online courses.

Yes, we do! Some of our past and current students hail from countries such as India, Myanmar, Brunei, Laos and Sri Lanka. Applications are assessed based on applicant’s academic qualification and result only.

You are required to submit application form, full academic transcripts, passport size photo and passport copy. Letter of Offer will be issued upon successful application. We will proceed to make the necessary arrangements for Student Pass application once the copy of endorsed Letter of Offer and school application fee has been submitted.

Unfortunately, we do not provide lodging to our students. Students have few options when it comes to accommodation in Singapore. They can choose to either rent an entire apartment, just a room in an apartment or stay in a student hostel. Let us know what is your monthly budget and we will be glad to give you some recommendations.

From Monday to Thursday, students are required to be in full formal business attire; top to either be a plain white long-sleeved shirt.

You are required to purchase this on your own. For more details, please visit our Student Handbook page.

On Fridays, you are allowed to be in casuals. Slippers, sandals, ripped jeans, Bermuda shorts, tank/cropped tops are not allowed in the academy.

Singapore has one of the highest living standards in the South East Asia.

An international student in Singapore spends, on average, about SGD800 to S$2,500 a month. This will usually cover food, rental and transport. This amount varies, depending on your lifestyle habits.

Students possessing a Student Pass are not allowed to be engaged in any form of employment without a valid work pass. It will constitute as an offence if you are found to be working without a valid work pass.

For more information, please visit the Ministry of Manpower website: https://www.mom.gov.sg/passes-and-permits/work-pass-exemption-for-foreign-students


Educare Global Academy has appointed Liberty Insurance as our FPS insurance provider and group medical insurance provider.

Fee Protection Scheme (FPS)

FPS serves to protect the student’s paid course fees in the event that the PEI is unable to continue due to insolvency, and/ or regulatory closure. It is compulsory for all students. FPS insurance will be purchased for the students within seven (07) working days since the date of paid fees received by Educare Global Academy. Students will receive a copy of the FPS certificate sent directly to their personal email upon purchase of FPS by Educare Global Academy.

Group Medical Insurance

All students are covered under the group medical insurance throughout the entire course of duration they are enrolled with Educare Global Academy. Students are entitled to the following minimum coverage:

B1 Ward (in government and restructured hospitals)

Annual overall limit of $20,000 per student

24 hours coverage in Singapore and overseas (if student is involved in any form of school-related activity)

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Alternatively, you may also write or call in: info@ega.edu.sg  /  (+65) 6908 5994


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