Cultivating a ‘Work Life Balance’ Habit!

Ever heard of the phrase – ‘Having A Work Life Balance’. I am pretty sure this is one of the most commonly used phrases in our everyday lives. What is the underlying meaning to it? What is the need for us to make sure that we understand this balance? What are the benefits of having a work life balance? What are some strategies that one can take note to successfully acquire this balance? How does it differ from having a normal hectic monotonous life? To be honest, getting into the drift of cultivating this lifestyle can be a challenge. With that said, let’s delve more into this phrase. 

What is the underlying meaning when we hear someone say this? In short, work-life balance is the state of equilibrium where a person equally prioritizes the demands of one’s career and the demands of one’s personal life. This balance can and will vary among individuals as its each to its own. Hence, there is no definite way of gaining this balance. The two factors that one would need to be mindful of is (1) strategies of gaining a good work-life balance and (2) some benefits of doing so. 

Let’s kick start this article with the first factor. Here are some steps/strategies for one to get into having a good work-life balance. 

1. To determine your priorities.

Having priorities and knowing what they are the first steps to achieving this stability. As such, it is rather important to reflect and think through the various things and make a list out of it. This will give you a better overall picture. Once you have done that, next is to analyze them individually, probably by asking yourself these questions – What do I need to start doing? What are some things I will need to do differently?

2. Set specific goals.

Once priorities are set, one will then need to turn them into reality. Hence, your planned goals will have to be real, concrete and assessable. Ensure that you block time into your schedule just like having any other meeting or an appointment with your doctor, for instance. 

3. Establish boundaries

This is yet another point that one should take note and at the same time be fully aware of. It is vital for one to set fair restrictions on what you will and will not do. These restrictions are set so as for one to ensure that he/she does not go against themselves. Once boundaries are planned and set, do ensure to communicate them to the people around you, for example your supervisors, fellow colleagues or classmates. 

4. Have your own ‘you-time’

We all are aware that there are various factors that take priorities in our lives, but one needs to understand the importance of scheduling some alone time for themselves. The entire day is usually filled with many different responsibilities and duties, hence it can be difficult to find that needed ‘me-time’. Appreciating life and being optimistic throughout the process starts with having a good relationship with yourself. In this way, spending some time with yourself, taking notes of your strengths and weaknesses is indeed an opportunity to see light at the end of the tunnel. 

Secondly, what are some of the benefits of having a work life balance?

Your health and wellbeing improves. As time passes, one needs to have the ability to recognize their own trigger points and when they tend to overdo it. It is crucial to accept and acknowledge these early signs of warning before you start burning out. 

You will be much more productive. Creating a good balance between work, personal and even school life will definitely allow one to be more positive and productive in all areas. In this way, you will be able to get more tasks done in a shorter span of time. 

You get to enjoy the things you are doing. Have you find yourself subconsciously snoozing your alarm or even trying to drag yourself out of bed in the morning to head to school/work. This just proves to show that you are starting to resent the things or places you ought to be at. Honestly, in my opinion, at times all it takes is allowing regular breaks to decide and put out these things into perspective. 

You will get to spend more time with yourself without feeling guilty. As we all know, it is always easy to make excuses and find ways out of doing things when we rarely even have time for yourselves. Improving your work-life balance will give you more control in planning and dedicating sufficient time to do things you have once put off. This could be as simple as going for a jog or relaxing and reflecting on planned dreams. 

Sharing a whole lot of information on this isn’t enough. It is essential for our students distinguish the meaning of having a work-life balance. And we believe, cultivating this habit starts from a young age even in schools. As we impart in a student-centered approach, our students were given an opportunity to come up with an interesting itinerary where they hung out and sightsee together around Singapore; fostering stronger and positive relationship amongst them – this I believe have given them a better idea of this concept.

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