Certificate of English – Intermediate

The Certificate of English (Intermediate) programme is a preparatory course for international students to acquire an intermediate proficiency in the English language to further pursue educational or career opportunities in Singapore.


This programme enables students with some knowledge of the language to develop higher competencies and greater confidence in speaking, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation of the English language. 

Students will acquire intermediate grammar usage and commonly used English words and phrases related to work, school, social situations and digital technology.  Upon programme completion, students may progress to the Certificate of English (Advanced) level.

Grammar Syllabus

Tenses: Present tense, Future Tense, Past Tense, Modals, Adverbs, Prepositions, Connectors, Punctuation


  • Choosing a job (interest)
  • Work experiences (past/ present/ future)
  • Describe different jobs and professions that may operate in a particular environment (e.g. an airport/ school/ bank/ construction)
  • Describing your job (different ways to talk about how you feel about your work)
  • Essential employment vocabulary
  • Doing up a CV (skills/ format/ paraphrasing)
  • Email/ letter writing to potential employer
  • Interview skills
  • Past school experiences (primary/ secondary/ tertiary/ college)
  • Memories (good/ interesting/ unforgettable)
  • Most/ least favourite subjects
  • Different school concerts (Teacher’s Day/ Racial Harmony Day)
  • Co-curriculum activities
  • Talent time/ gala nights’/ prom nights
  • Various items in the classroom and its functions
  • Attending parties (how to engage with others)
  • Making friends/ having conversations
  • Describe music from a favourite era (likes/ dislikes)
  • Barbecue event (place/ sorts of food)
  • Worship places (describe a religion to someone else and what happens in a sacred place/ items that can be found in here and what are they used for?)
  • Tours/ night life/ entertainment
  • Business meetings/ conferences (etiquettes/ know your audiences/ formal/ informal)
  • IT use and English terminology
  • Various modes of technology (mobile/ laptops/ tablets)
  • Social media
  • Use of acceptable terms on some different platforms
  • Using Microsoft Office
  • PowerPoint presentation and delivery to a small audience
  • Pen-pal (email/ letter-writing)
  • Front office systems (hotels)
  • Artificial intelligence


Application FeeSGD 160.00
Non-Tuition FeeSGD 500.00
Tuition FeeSGD 2,730.00
TotalSGD 3,390.00
*All fees quoted above are inclusive of GST.
*GST will be 8% from 1st January 2023 and subsequently 8% to 9% from 1st January 2024. The applicable total amount payable will be charged accordingly.
*Application fee is non-refundable.
*Non tuition fee include Course Material, Examination Fee, Administration Fee, FPS Insurances Fee, and Medical Insurances.

Entry Requirements

Age Requirements: At least 16 years old.

Academic Requirements: Completed high school year 10 or Certificate of English (Beginner).

Language Proficiency: Applicant is to sit for Educare Global Academy English Placement Test for assessment of current English proficiency before successful application.

Mode of Delivery

Mode of Delivery: Face-to-face lessons

Assessment Method: Written examination

Duration: The programme consists of 4 modules, with a total of 200 learning hours and may be completed in 8 weeks. Lessons will commence 5 days a week for a maximum of 5 hours per day.

Lecturer – Student Ratio: 1:30

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Submit the Educare Global Academy Form and supporting documents. Download the form here

We will assess your eligibility and issue a conditional letter of offer

Attend pre-course counselling, receive a standard student contract and advisory note. Make payment for the programme


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