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  1. I declare that I have and understood all the information provided by Educare Global Academy in this application and all the information I have supplied on the application form is, to the best of my knowledge, complete and correct.

  2. I acknowledge that my application for enrolment is subject to acceptance by the Academy which has the right to impose additional conditions to meet course entry requirements.

  3. I acknowledge that Educare Global Academy reserves the right to deny admission or expulsion from the course based on incomplete or false information.

  4. I acknowledge that in the event my application for enrolment as a student at the Educare Global Academy is accepted by the academy, I will be bound by the provisions of policies and rules of the Academy, including the Academy’s student handbook which are in force from time to time and for which I will be subject to the lawful instructions of officers of the Academy.

  5. I declare that I have read the terms & conditions stated in this application form and I hereby authorise the Academy to conduct authenticity verification from the awarding organisation(s) of my declared academic qualifications. I understand that the final acceptance into the course is subject to the approval of the Student's Pass application from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority of Singapore (ICA) and meeting the admission requirements of the course.


    I have read and agree to the terms and conditions contained in the Privacy Policy of Educare Global Academy (available at and I understand that personal information supplied on this form will be handled in accordance with the Policy.

    I acknowledge that this information may be provided to third parties for administrative and legislative purposes (under the Private Education Act (Chapter 247A)) including but not limited to the EGA’s representatives and business partners; other academic institutions to verify my pervious qualifications; and the Fee Protection and Medical Insurance providers.

    I acknowledge Educare Global Academy will retain the personal data as long the purpose for which it is collected is being served and retention is necessary for business or legal purposes.

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Please upload a VERIFIED copy of your Passport or Birth Certificate. VERIFIED means the original document has been sighted & the copy dated and signed by an authorised person.

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